The Experience

A full day of well-deserved pampering.

The Studio

Once you arrive at the studio you will be greeted by the makeup & hair artist, who will consult with you to create the look you are going for. During this time there is a variety of snacks and refreshments available for you to pick at while you get glammed up! This process takes around 90 minutes, then once you are happy with your look we will go over outfits & your vision for the session. You can then choose some pieces from the client closet to use, but you are also more than welcome to bring your own.

The Shoot

After the glam process and outfit selections, we will begin your 90-minute boudoir shoot. You don't need any posing experience as I will professionally pose you in a way that fits your vision, and makes you feel comfortable and sexy. I will even demonstrate the poses for you to make it as easy as possible! We will shoot at whichever sets within the studio that you've chosen, including the main set, the wet set, and our rotating special sets.

The Reveal

We offer same-day reveals, which means there's no long wait to view your images! After your session, we will take a quick break while your images are being prepared. You can check out some of the wonderful local businesses or grab a drink or a bite to eat. After 90 minutes, you will return to your images ready for you to select and choose which images you'd like to purchase. All products come from an exclusive, female-owned and operated lab specifically focused on boudoir photography. Their handcrafted quality is worth the wait, you can expect a turnaround of about 4 weeks with fully retouched digital delivered within a week.